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Current Savage Tier

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Arcadion: coming July 30th!

Ultimate Encounters

Omega Protocol (WIP)
**Updated for P5 - Delta!**

Dragonsong's Reprise (WIP)
**Updated for P4!**

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Looking to clear the current tier in PF?

You've come to the right place! Learn Aether Party Finder strats the EASY way with this one simple trick: visit the encounter page you're interested in pugging and copy/paste the page link into your description (noting any uptime/variations) and you're on your way to loot/pages!

No more dwayne/avdol/myta/??? confusion.

We all know PF has a bad habit of making multiple variations of the same strat and calling it something else. Pastebin strats have become more common but we can do better.

The individual encounter pages include the base strats and common variations that you can denote in your PF description so players can easily reference "the PF Strat" and everyone will know where to look and what to do at a glance.

No more Googling "Illya/Myta/JP/Xemo [mechanic]" and /praying you find the right one.

Where are MY u[time strats?

The strats provided on this site are the most common and PF friendly variations that we can find (please note this can be very subjective). Sometimes PF is better suited to braindead strats even where uptime strats are provided. Your static does it a different or more efficient way? Too bad. PF does it this way and we ALL will learn it the PF way. 🀑

That being said, this site will be providing the strats that make the most sense in a PF environment as well as avoiding damage down strats. Sometimes PF needs to grow at least a single brain cell and learn to do better so this site will aim to provide anti-braindamage strats to help push PF in the right direction.

Party Chat Macros

Don't want to dance around a waymark or use up precious waymark saves for quicker pre-pull setups? Macros help everyone get on the same page with easy-to-call roles and positions for the necessary mechanics of the fight.Β 

Simply copy the macro text and paste it into a new User Macro in FFXIV. Right click and "Execute" the macro while in party chat, or drag the macro icon onto your bar for quick access.

Aether PF hasn't quite caught on to frequently using macros for fights, but The PF Strat will include them as an accessory to the TLDR; when available. The macros posted are suited to the main strats outlined here on the site, so you don't have to worry about making alterations or exceptions to the macro.

Example of a fight macro:

What it looks like in party chat:

stop clowning arounD

πŸ“’ Take off your clown suit and get your clears in PF with The PF Strat! πŸ“’

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