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Common Terminology in PF

So you haven't completed every fight in FFXIV ever and memorized the name of every single mechanic? Can you even call yourself a raider?

Well now you can! With this handy dandy glossary of terms used to describe common mechanics throughout the expansions you can confidently walk into any PF knowing exactly what the hieroglyphics mean!

The common terms and jargon are listed in alphabetical order below, and separated by a few different categories for easier reference. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to request a new addition.

Movement / Mechanics

3-1 / 3 to 1
When AOEs appear in three different sets, move to the third set (last AOE to show up) and when the first AOE resolves move into the safe area left behind.

Chariot (out)
A large AOE that surrounds the boss, usually larger than the hitbox.

A hit in front of the boss, usually untelegraphed. Unless you're the Tank, do not stand in front of the boss to avoid getting cleaved.

A (very) large AOE that needs to be taken as far away as possible.

One or more players Bait an AOE and move immediately as the cast finishes or a target appears above the player's head or else get knocked away.

Dynamo (in)
A large donut AOE surrounding the boss, usually just inside the hitbox is safe or be very far away.

Earth Shaker
Proximity tethers targeted on one or more players that generally resolve with a cone AOE towards the direction of the player. Avoid overlapping with other players.

A set of one or more stacks on targeted players where the indicated number in each stack (typically denoted by circles within the circle) needs to have the same amount of players standing inside by the end of the cast.

AOEs that move across the platform in a straight line, typically offset with one or more sets of AOEs. Only the first AOE and direction is marked.

Gaol / Jail
One or more players targeted to be trapped and/or immobile (usually inside of a rock or ice) until the party breaks them out by focusing damage on the goal.

A cleave (usually from the boss) that takes out at least half of the arena.

Limit Cut
Generally describes any mechanic with the numbers 1-8 appearing above players heads. 

Mario Kart
Generally describes strats where players need to run around the arena or in a circle around the boss to bait or avoid mechanics. Sometimes there's brakes, sometimes not.

A player with a target marker above their head, typically denotes the need to run away from the party or to Bait something.

Cone AOEs that will target each player, requiring everyone to take their Clock Spots around the boss. Usually unmarked and sometimes proximity based.

"Playstation" - generally describes when the shape markers (O X ) appear above players heads. Sometimes the waymarks placed will correspond to your marker color for positioning (A B C D).

AOEs that persist on the ground. Usually of the poison variety. Sometimes need to be Soaked and/or Baited.

Quick March
Players line up in a specific order for spreading against the wall, typically split into light parties going E/W.

A debuff on one or more players that needs to be passed to another player before expiry.

Shared Buster
A Tank buster that requires both Tanks to share the damage. If enabled by the fight, a single Tank can invuln it instead.

Stillness / Pyretic
A debuff that requires you to not move or cast or even jump/emote/talk when the timer runs down. Pyretic = fire, which will typically apply some damage for each movement you make. Stillness = insta-death if you even think about moving or finishing your cast.

A set of one or more static AOEs that require one or more players to stand in it by a certain time (denoted by a countdown, cast timer, or meteor sliding down). Sometimes referred to as Enumerations when multiple players are required to step in.

An AOE that will appear under one or more players' feet at the end of a cast. Typically requires you to move in a small circle near the end of the cast to avoid hitting the AOE when it is placed.

White Hole
An AOE that takes the entire party's health bars down to 1HP, usually requiring heals to full to prevent death.

Wild Charge
A line AOE that requires a specific role to be in front of the other players, usually the Tank. Sometimes requires the party to split into two groups to soak separately.

General Terms

One or more players who need to act as a decoy to lure the boss or adds towards them. It could mean you need to be the closest to the boss (inside the hitbox) or furthest away from the boss depending on the mechanic.

Negating a mechanic entirely by either Tank LB or Healer LB if allowed. 

The act of running an add, orb, or debuff into the boss.

Sac / Sack
The act of sacrificing one or more players to a mechanic to avoid having to do it the intended way, for example players jumping off of a platform to their deaths.
"Tank Sac" usually means one or both tanks using invulns and taking the brunt of the mechanic on themselves so the party has less to worry about.


Boss Relative
The boss' facing will be considered North. Use the hitbox arrow/pointer to orient.

Clock Spots
Players spread around the boss' hitbox in cardinal and intercardinal positions. These spots are applicable to around the boss and around the room for related mechanics and will be dependent on either Boss Relative or TN facing.

Light Parties
The full party is split into two groups consisting of four players each, typically one Tank, one Healer, and two DPS.

"Line of sight" - meaning you must use obstacles such as walls/rocks/etc, adds, or players to block the path between you and the boss or the source of the damage.

Role Pairs/Partners
The two Tanks are a pair/partner, the two Healers are a pair/partner, and from the DPS two Melee are a pair/partner and the two Ranged are a pair/partner. If there is an odd number of Meele or Ranged, one will act as the opposite DPS role so that it evens out.

"True North" - meaning the arena is absolute and you will always go to your Clock Spot regardless of where the boss is or its facing.

"Tank/Melee/Range" or "Tank/Healer/Melee/Range" - meaning the order of role responsibilities, whether it's the order of completing a mechanic, or the order of spreading across the arena or behind the boss. If accompanied by waymark names (ABCD) the role is expected to go to the corresponding waymark for the mechanic (THMR > ABCD).


Generally used to describe strats where there is less movement or less thinking involved for the majority of the group.

"Clear for one" - meaning there is a player in the party who has not cleared the fight yet. They may or may not have enrage experience, but this should be disclaimed in the PF description.

Generally used to describe strats where the Tanks / Melee get to stay on the boss' hitbox and/or behind the boss as much as possible. 

Melon / AM
Used to describe "Auto-Markers" (AM for "Allagan Melon" to "confuse" YoshiP when he reads your PF description) where target markers are automatically placed above players heads for specific mechanics to quickly let players know where to position without having to look at a plethora of buffs/debuffs.


ARD 🔗Discord
"Aether Raiding Discord" - join the Discord to follow along with the strats. Usually has toolboxes/guides authored by ARD.

UAR 🔗Discord
"Ultimate Aether Raiding" - join the Discord to follow along with the strats

UCR 🔗Discord
"Ultimate Crystal Raiding" - join the Discord to follow along with the strats

UPR 🔗Discord
"Ultimate Primal Raiding" - join the Discord to follow along with the strats