The Voidcast Dais


Copy & Paste PF Description



G1 N/W, G2 S/E
light parties split North and South or West and East

spreading and light parties will be based on the arena/waymarks (true North)

DPS go North and supports go South for Meteors/Flares

β—€Β  Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic Β β–Ά

Learning / Guides

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

πŸ”— HectorΒ  πŸ”— HopeΒ  πŸ”— Mr Happy

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

A/B/C/D for TN orientation
All waymarks should be just outside the purple circle around the arena.

PLayer Positions

Set up clock positions for spread mechanics, light parties, and DPS/Support pairs

Mechanic Breakdown

Double Meteor #1


Players with flares should get knocked back opposite corner of the tower. Only a DPS and a Support will get a flare, so DPS take theirs North and the Support will take theirs South.

The other Support with the knockback will stand direct middle of the arena, and everyone else will position to get knocked back into the tower on their respective side.

After the knockback resolves the knockback player should take a small step towards the South side of the arena to bait the Shadow Dragon.

πŸ”— Toolbox (step 29-30)

Gale Sphere #2

G1 N/W, G2 S/E

Check the order of the clones, simply pay attention to the 1st and 3rd set since the 2nd and 4th are always directly opposite.

Resolve the enums or stacks during the 1st and 4th.

Group 1 prioritizes North and West, Group 2 prioritizes East and South for both the pair lineups and the stacks.

πŸ”— JoonBob Guide