Omega Protocol

Endwalker Ultimate

** WIP Notice / SPOILER Warning **Β 

The strats on this page are a work in progress. Please don't expect anything concrete until after at least the fight has been officially cleared.

There will also be major SPOILERS included in the strats on this page.

Copy & Paste PF Description



Phase 1: OmegaΒ 

LP TMR flex
priority between light parties is Tanks > Melee > Range for flexing to the opposite group

G1 NW/CCW, G2 N/CW (aka snake prio)
for tethers and towers, G1 prios NW and counter-clockwise and G2 prios N and clockwise
(same priorities used in P5S, P8S snakes)Β 

missile ahead
groups will stagger forward from where the cone AOEs are moving towards them (ie: the "back"), the missile player will adjust ahead of the party when it's their turn to run out

Phase 2: Omega-M/F

line up horizontally and spread out to see shapes, leftmost shape goes to the left side of the eye, rightmost shape goes to the right side of the eye

X (B)lue β–’ (P)urple O (O)range β–³ (G)reen
treating eye as North, this is the order of colours/shapes spread out on each side, depending on the Mid or Remote Glitch debuff
Mid Glitch = BPOG both left and right side
Remote Glitch = BPOG left side, GPOB right side

N flex
when both stacks appear on players on the same side, the Northmost shape (closest to the eye) will flex to the other side

611 SSW (aka stack flares mid)
party stacks South/Southwest on the hitbox to bait the arrow, then after dodging party stacks mid while the Tanks spread apart on the M-shield side, mitigate flares in middle

Phase 3: Omega Reconfigured

general strats using the toolbox created by Dylan Luxor (linked in the mechanic breakdown)

Phase 4: Blue Screen

line-up from North to South: Tank, Range, Healer Melee
if either side has both stacks, the South-most stack flexes and the South-most player in the line-up (the melee) from the other side will flex over

Phase 5: Run: Dynamis

general strats using the toolboxes created by Sausage Roll (linked in the mechanic breakdown)

Phase 6: Alpha Omega Β (WIP)

β—€Β  Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic Β β–Ά

Learning / Guides

This page assumes that you understand the fundamentals of the mechanics we've seen so far in the fight. If you're still learning/progging you can review these early guides and references below, with the disclaimer that this information may not be 100% accurate or confirmed and are likely being updated by the respective authors as new or betterΒ  information is discovered. These references may also not exactly correlate with the PF strats that are listed here, but they can be used to get a foundational understanding of the mechanics before jumping into PF.

Hope Guides: πŸ”—Program LoopΒ  πŸ”—PantokratorΒ  πŸ”—Phase 2 M-FΒ  πŸ”—Phase 3 & 4Β  πŸ”—Phase 5Β  πŸ”—Phase 6
P1-6 guides, visuals and setup explanations

πŸ”— The Omega Protocol Progression Guide and Notes
Text guide with screenshots/diagrams

πŸ”— TOP Timeline and Cooldowns Sheet
Make a copy and share with your static for tracking mit!

πŸ”— "TOP Mitty"
Main mit sheet referenced in PF which includes mit for all classes and a special breakdown for tank mit/invulns for all comps

πŸ”— XIV Sim
Practice the movement and mechanics for P2, P3,Β  P5, and P6, solo (now with bots!) or your static members

The Ulti Project

Feeling like you're ready for a clear but hard stuck in PF? If you're at P5 enrage or further the Ulti Project is accepting applications for clear-ready players to help you get your totem before patch 6.4.


Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Standard waymark placement - A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4

PLayer Positions

Split into light parties - G1 NW/CCW, G2 N/CW
TMR prios

Mechanic Breakdown (WIP)

P1: Omega

πŸ”— Toolbox


Tethers (3-4-1-2): players marked with 3 take the first set of tethers, then 4s take the second set, 1s (who took the first tower) take the third set, and 2s take the last set.

Towers (1-2-3-4): players marked with 1 take the first set of towers, then 2s take the second set, 3s (who took the first tether) take the third set, and 4s take the last set.

Remember your priorties for light groups (G1 NW/CCW, G2 N/CW) - TMR flex.

Note: In the case where a tower spawns between NW and N, G2 should take that position.


Light groups should position themselves according to priority sides when the cone AOEs come out, flex if necessary (TMR).

If you're not marked as the first Missile debuff prepare to stack along the hitbox and stagger forward when the AOE puddles drop, with the cone rotating behind.

The Missile players will run ahead of the group and then loop back to re-join after they take their Missile hit (count 3 puddle drops).

πŸ”— CLIP: Missile #4 Healer POV (Momo)

TB + Protean Beams

Tanks go NW and NE to take the giant TB cleaves, party spreads along the hitbox on the South side (conga spread) to prepare for protean markers.

Proteans will take their beams away from the party on the West, East, and South side. West/East should be slightly South of the D/B waymarks to avoid the Tank cleaves, and South should be directly South with the unmarked players max melee on intercards.

First players to be marked will move to their beam position (designated by the spread order), then come back into the safe area for the previously unmarked players to take their beams out in the exact same manner.

Better visual for AOEs/placements:

P2: Omega M-F

πŸ”— Toolbox

Party Synergy

Conga: line up horizontally (HRMTTMRH, rec'd) and spread out enough so you can clearly see the shapes/colors above everyone's head. Leftmost shape pairs will shift to the left group, rightmost shape pairs will shift to the right group.

BPOG GPOB: After dodging the M-F AOEs, split into left/right groups using the eye as relative North.

Mid Glitch = BPOG BPOG

Remote Glitch = BPOG GPOB

North Flex: When the party stacks both appear on players on the same side, the North-most player will flex to the opposite side, and the player with the same shape as the North-most stack will swap over as well.

P3: Omega Reconfigured

πŸ”— Toolbox


Conga (again): line up horizontally (HRMTTMRH, rec'd) and wait for debuffs to appear. If you're a defamation (purple debuff) move forward from the lineup, and if you're a stack (white debuff) move backwards from the lineup.

The left-most stack and the left-most empty debuff will share the left-most safe spot on the Southern side of the arena. Likewise with the right-most stack/empty players.

The defamations will spread out from left to right: W, NW, NE and E.

Hello World

πŸ”— Toolbox (steps 11 - 28)

For each iteration of towers Blue tethers will pop first then RG (christmas) tethers will pop after.

Tether players will move to their respective rot players to pass/get rot.

On the final tower set the party (excluding defamations) will go to the non-defamation side to share the stacks. Blue tether breaks after vulns wear off, then watch out for the last rots.


πŸ”— Toolbox (steps 29 - 36)

Conga (again): This time line up vertically on the left side of the arena, in the same order as the transition.

The first and second monitors will go into the cleaving side, first one on the NW/NE side on the inner corner of the waymark, and the second one will go on the SE/SW side also on the inner corner of the waymark.

The third monitor will so SW/SE on the SAFE side (opposite of the first two) and sit directly South of the marker.

The unmarked players will move into the safe spots on the safe side in the order of the line-up using the waymarks as guidelines.

P4: Blue Screen

πŸ”— Toolbox

Wave Cannons

Quickmarch Positions: line up on both sides of the boss using the waymarks as a guideline, in order from North to South: Tank, Range, Healer, Melee. 2nd and 4th in line will be on the E/W and SE/SW waymarks, with 1st and 3rd above/between them.

When both stack aoes appear on the same side, the South-most stack will move over to the other side, and the South-most player in the non-stack line-up (the melee) will flex over to share the stack on the other side.

P5: Run: Dynamis

πŸ”— Toolbox (Dylan, all of P5)

The only real difference between the Saus toolbox and Dylan's toolbox is the requirement for auto-markers used in Sigma and Omega. PF is primarily using the Saus strats, but the above toolbox is a decent tool to view all of the movements in P5 in one place.


πŸ”— Delta Toolbox (Saus)

Blues to Beetle: when tethers go out the blue tethered players will line up on the beetle side and christmas tethers will line up on Final Omega side. The blue tether with the short debuff (Near World) will take the inside lane, while the blue tether with the far debuff (Distant World) will take the outside lane. The christmas tether players can line up first-come first-serve.

If the fists are the same colour as your non-tether buddy, the inner lane will swap sides.

The outer blue tether players should stay further apart, just inside the waymarks, so they pop instantly as soon as the tether is activated. As soon as the outer blue tether pops, run in to stack on your blue buddy to bait the fists.

As soon as the fist aoes appear, the inner blue tether players move center to break their tether and bait Pile Pitch, and everyone else moves out to bait a laser beam. The outer blue will take the hands by the beetle, the inner christmas will take the North/South hands, and the outer christmas will take the hands around the Final Omega.

After baiting lasers, christmas tether players will line back up just outside of the waymarks, with the inner christmas moving over to the beetle side.

The blue player that got Beyond Defense will move out of the middle stack. The remaining blue tethered players will stack in the center, South of Final Omega's monitor cleave. The player who gets a monitor will stack with the party in the center, just South of them and face their monitor towards the South christmas tether players. If the monitor player is the same player who got Beyond Defense they will stay out of the center and stand either East/West of the party and face their monitor South.

After monitors resolve, the christmas tethers on the safe side will plant and their partner on the unsafe side of the beetle cleave will have to move. Party will move to the safe side and will spread according to the Near/Distant World debuffs.

The christmas tether players closest to the beetle will pop (the unsafe side will run in to break) and become the Near World baiters. The other unsafe christmas tether will move across to the beetle wall and become the Distant World baiter with their tether buddy on the opposite wall just below the cleave.

The Distant World debuff will stack at the wall on the cardinal waymark, and the Near World debuff will stack in the middle in line with the safe cardinal waymark.

The two blue players without debuffs will stack away from the beetle at the wall between the Distant World and the far christmas tether.

After the Near/Distant World debuffs resolve, the remaining christmas tethers WAIT until the magic vuln wears off before popping tether.


πŸ”— Sigma Toolbox (Saus)

πŸ”— AM Tutorial
The Saus strat uses Auto Markers, so make sure you or one of your party recruits has it set up.


πŸ”— Omega Toolbox (Saus)

General Cheatsheet for P5 Delta + Sigma + Omega