The Abyssal Fracture


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from left to right, the order for spreading meteor tethers
(R1/H1 > M1/T1 > M2/T2 > R2/H2)ย 

DPS go North and supports go South for chain separation during Visceral Whirl

Learning / Guides

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

๐Ÿ”— Yukizuriย  ๐Ÿ”— Hopeย  ๐Ÿ”— Mr Happy

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Offset the markers in each quadrant, using the colour pairs to help orient for partner spreads

PLayer Positions

Set up DPS/support partners and light parties (if you do this as intercards on a marker then you're all set in one go)

Mechanic Breakdown

Void Meteor (RMMR)

Note: RMMR applies for the supports turn as well, it's managed exactly the same as HTTH (Healer > Tank > Tank > Healer)

Spread into Range > Melee > Melee > Range role positions right after the flare damage. Either DPS or Supports will get the meteor tethers first.

The 1st set of tethered players should stretch the tether as far as possible without turning red to leave enough room for the 2nd set of tethered players.

The 2nd set of tethers should not be standing in any of the tethers about to go off, but should be positioned close to quickly move/stretch their tether after.

Tethers will appear from the left and right of the meteor planted directly South. Take note of your tether position and be careful not to overlap that South meteor when stretching. Each set may have to lean more left or right in order to fully stretch the closest tethers without overlapping the South meteor.