does this site exist?

There are two main reasons why this site is another essential resource (out of many) for the FFXIV raiding community:

#1: PF is frequently divided between variations of the same strat, or otherwise unsure of the best/easiest PF strat to use

#2: Raiders coming from statics who have only done the fight a specific way don't know where to start or are anxious to jump into PF not knowing how the general PF strats work (or what the acronyms PF comes up with even mean)

The general purpose of this site is to collect and centralize the common strats found in PF to help consolidate and streamline the process of running or joining a PF party. Whether you're teaching experienced raiders the PF way or learning along with PF pugs, the information and resources on this site will surely help guide you on your arduous journey into party finder.

There is a well-known stigma around PF being bad, but it doesn't have to be!

Content attribution

All of the resources linked on this site are created by players in the FFXIV community. I do not claim to own any of the toolbox, imgur, raidplan.io, pastebin, or other related content that is sourced on this site. All credit goes to the original author of the content, and all of the resources are linked to the original source for said credit.

If you are the owner of a resource listed on this site and would like it removed or have an issue with something being listed on this site please make a request through the feedback form and the appropriate actions will be taken.


The PF Strat is a free public resource. There is zero (current and future) intent to collect donations or monetary support of any kind while maintaining this site.

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Suggestions, site errors, questions, and general feedback all welcome!

Don't worry, unlike PF, the site won't disband after being criticized.

Thank You

This website is fueled by a passion for FFXIV and would not exist without all of the amazing resources available for raiders. I would like to thank all of the content creators and raiders willing to create and share strategies for the playerbase, and for all of the resource creators that make this possible.

And a big thank you to everyone using and sharing this site. We can all agree that PF is pretty awful at times, but let's work together to make it better :)

❤️ Tootsie Roll from Sargatanas