Dragonsong's Reprise

Endwalker Ultimate

** WIP Notice / SPOILER Warning ** 

The strats on this page are a work in progress.
There are also major SPOILERS included in the strats on this page.

Copy & Paste PF Description

🔗 thepfstr.at/u/dru


Phase 1: Vault Knights 

N first
bait the first 4 slashes towards the North markers then stack North of the boss
unmarked players stack South of the hitbox then bait slashes towards the South markers

role PS
static knockback break positions on cardinal/intercard markers based on role
Note: the original image has been updated to allow for DPS North for positioning in a later phase 

for Pure of Heart, the order for baiting is Healer > Melee > Ranged > Tank
players will bait cleaves North then drop their puddle E/W alternating between each role pair

Phase 2: King Thordan

Daylight Thordan
all of the strats outlined in the toolbox created by Daylights

Phase 3: Nidstinien

arrow W or arrow E
When numbers and dive/jump debuffs go out, players with the downwards arrow will move to and face the specified direction in order to land their tower behind them; the upwards arrows will move to the opposite side and face the same direction
Note: I haven't seen a majority of either E or W preference, so both variations will be provided in the mechanic breakdown
Note 2: If you see "Westhogg" in the PF description, this means arrows West

Phase 4: The Eyes

raidplan eyes
follow the slides in the linked raidplan

Intermission 1: Rewind (WIP)

Phase 5: King Thordan II (WIP)

Phase 6: Double Dragon (WIP)

Phase 7: Dragon-King Thordan (WIP)

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Learning / Guides

This page assumes that you understand the fundamentals of the mechanics we've seen so far in the fight. If you're still learning/progging you can review these early guides and references below, with the disclaimer that this information may not be 100% accurate or confirmed and are likely being updated by the respective authors as new or better  information is discovered. These references may not exactly correlate with the PF strats that are listed here, but they can be used to get an idea of the general mechanics before jumping into PF.

🔗 Dragonsong's Reprise Early Strats
Text guide with screenshots/vods/clips

🔗 JegelXIV - Phase 1 Guide
Phase 1 guide with Healer POV

🔗 Azurite FFXIV - Phase 1 Guide
Phase 1 guide with Tank POV

🔗 Nohara's Spreadsheet (Timeline and Mitigation)
Make a copy and share with your static for tracking mit!

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Hyperdimensional Slashes - marked players will bait the slashes on the North and South set of markers respectively

Player Positions

No specified positions are required for this phase unless you need to designate a DPS to swap to the Melee or Range role pair.

Remember to pre-spread to help identify the waymark you will be baiting your Hyperdimensional Slash on.

That's it for this phase.

Phase 2 & Onward

Waymark Placement

Waymarks are colour coded between the letters and numbers. In a lot of the mechanics light parties can split to the same colour waymark to orient the safe spot.

Always orient A as North, and 1 as South (until you're doing boss relative).

Player Positions

For the first Strength of the Ward you should pre-position spread spots in your light parties so there is no second-guessing.

You can also place a 1 marker down and stack in DPS/Support pairs to prepare for the meteors phase initial positions.

Mechanic Breakdown (WIP)

🔗 Full Encounter Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/sm2KFdVK

P1: Ser Adelphel & Ser Grinnaux

🔗 Toolbox

Hyperdimensional Slashes

When Ser Adelphel goes untargetable players should spread out from each other around the boss to easily see who is being marked.

Marked players will each take one of the North waymarks while the unmarked players will stack South of the boss. South players should pre-position towards the marker they will be taking after the first slashes go off.

Once the first slashes go off, North players will move in and stack North of the boss, South players will move out to their closest South waymark.

Faith Unmoving & Heavensflame

Position yourself around the two possible positions you should be breaking your tether from based on your role. Make sure to be inside of Ser Grinnaux's hit box before being knocked back to help break the tether without having to run out further.

Tanks: W/NW
Healers: NE/E
DPS: South (one going North)

Charibert - Pure of Heart (Enrage)

For the purpose of this mechanic, Charibert is the new North.

Party will stack in the center of the bubble just South of the hit box.

In order of Tank > Melee > Range > Healer the positioning is as follows:

First role pair moves North to bait cleaves, then immediately move East and stack together max melee. Once the Skyblind debuff falls off (5s) the pair will return to the party.

As soon as the first cleaves go off the next pair can move in North to bait their cleaves. The second pair will immediately move West afterwards to bait their puddles max melee before returning to the party.

The third pair will follow the same pattern as the first pair (baiting East), and the fourth pair will follow the same pattern as the second pair (baiting West), thus the strat "EWEW".

P2: Thordan & The Knights of the Round

🔗 Toolbox

PF is opting for "Daylight Thordan" which encompasses the entire toolbox linked above.

Flares + Tethers + Stack

Thordan = New North

Priority for flares is typically Healers always go South. There is a small amount of time for adjustment, so DPS try to spread out and commit to your direction (without intercepting the Tank tether).

Tanks will take their tethers North with the party stack, making sure to tuck into the corner of the safe spot. One tank can invuln, while the other kitchen sinks it.

For towers, South/East/West will take their respective towers. From the party stack, Healer will prioritize middle, and DPS should lean towards their designated tower or call it out. There is no time to adjust if you accidentally went into the wrong tower.

Sanctity #1 (Dashes + Gaze + Stack)

Group 1 will always go AWAY from the Dark Knight, Group 2 will always go BEHIND the Dark Knight (either CW or CCW).

The location of the Black Knight (read: not the DRK) will determine whether the safe spot is Clockwise or Counter Clockwise.

If the Black Knight is East, safe spot is CW of the Dark Knight.
If the Black Knight is West, safe spot is CCW of the Dark Knight.

Group 2 will position to the safe side behind the Dark Knight (you can use the waymarker as the center point here), Group 1 will mirror them on the other side of the arena.

Remember to look away from both Thordan and the giant gaze somewhere around the room, then once the Dark Knight jumps to each group get ready to move CW or CCW.

Note: this strat is referred to as the "Brainsmort" version.
"Braindead" version is explained below.

CCW Example

📌Alternate: Braindead Sanctity


The "braindead" version of the above strat is as follows:

Instead of going directly behind the Dark Knight, Group 1 and Group 2 make a line with the knights in the middle. G1 is still going AWAY from the Dark Knight, and Group 2 will be on the side nearer to the Dark Knight (same as normal).

As soon as the gaze resolves, both groups will move to the safe spot which is towards the marker the Knight nearest to you is facing away from. Distance-wise it is about 80% of the way or stopping 3 notches away from the "safe" marker.

Stay in the safe spot and wait for the AOE behind you to explode before moving back where you started and staying stacked with your group to soak the Dark Knight stack before moving to mid to prepare for meteors.

Sanctity #2 (Meteors + Fire + Ice)

Orient towards North (which is always Thordan -- in case you get lost since he's covering up your waymark) and position yourself with your cardinal partner from the pre-pull set up above.

Players marked with meteor will always align on the North and South side. If marked players are not already North/South, players will have to adjust. Since meteors will only appear either on DPS or on Tanks/Healers, if one or more meteor players need to adjust to North/South, a player of the same role will switch spots with them.

Players who are in the meteor role group (regardless if marked with meteor or not) will always take an outside tower for the first set, and cardinal towers on the second set.

Players who are not in the meteor role group will have to look and see if there is an extra outside tower for them to take, otherwise they will take an inside tower on the first set, and an intercardinal tower on the second set.

The key for the "inside" players is to look outside in your quadrant (North, East, South, West) and if you only see one tower you are going inside, if there are two towers, you are going outside. Note: the outside tower closest to the cardinal is the designated meteor role tower.

There are some seriously cursed patterns for towers, so be sure to ONLY look at your quadrant
Tip: your quadrant is separated by markers (ie: B > C < D = East) so if a tower is beyond the waymark boundary for your quadrant you can safely ignore it.

Once positions and towers are decided on, non-meteor role players should position to drop ice slightly off-center from the fire puddles. Once ice drops, players will run to soak their respective towers.

Once the first set of towers is soaked, players marked with meteor will start running around the arena CW (no sprint!), dropping meteors until they reach the other side of the arena to soak the opposite tower from where they started. 

The non-marked meteor role players will take the E/W towers respectively.

Non-meteor role players will take towers determined on their current positions. Inside players will need to look around and adjust for players that had to take outside towers, since those players will already be pre-positioned for the intercardinal towers.

Inside players will get knocked back into the second set of towers, everyone else will use anti-knockback and be positioned in their respective towers.

P3: Nidstinien

🔗 Toolbox

Dive from Grace (aka: Wyrmhole)

As soon as Nidhogg appears, MT should be ready to face him North.

When numbers go out, players should pre-position for initial tower soaks/placements. You may have to swap based on your Elusive Jump or Spineshatter Dive debuff.

1s & 3s: position East, South, and West
2s: NW and NE

When arrows go out, players should check if they have an arrow, and if so, determine which one.

In the toolbox, it is decided that arrows will face West.
Note: this is based on TRUE NORTH!

In that case, if you have a down arrow you will take the West position AND face to the West (or NW if you're a 2). The upward arrows will move opposite and continue to face West. 

This movement allows for static positions without having to worry about an initial lineup or who the Spineshatter Dive player has to swap with.

Alternative: Easthogg/arrows face East

If you have a down arrow you will take the East position AND face to the East (or NE if you're a 2). The upward arrows will move opposite and continue to face East.

Darkdragon Dive (aka: Enumeration Towers)

Players should use the same "clock positions" that were used for Thordan meteors. Tanks and Healers rotate clockwise to partner up with the DPS on the intercardinals to prepare for the towers that spawn.

If your tower requires two or more players, you and your partner can stay put.

If your tower only requires one player, the flex role (typically the DPS) will prioritize looking clockwise. In this case if the next clockwise tower is missing any number of players (ie: a tower requiring 3 or 4), the flex player will move clockwise, otherwise the flex player will move counterclockwise.

Once towers are soaked, the flex role should bait the clone that appears, or if there's only one person on the tower that person will bait by default. Tanks move out immediately to pick up the tethers.

Tip: The toolbox displays the baits going out to the corners of the arena, but for melee uptime you can have the players baiting on the closest E/W cardinal instead (with the direction of the aoes going North and South respectively), just make sure the party is stacking South of the hitbox to avoid cleaving anyone.

P4: Fang and Claw (The eyes)

🔗 Raidplan

At the beginning of this phase players should be stacked up in the middle to soak both of the buff puddles that appear from Ysale and Alphinaud. The East/Left/Red eye will take damage from everything happening to the red tethered players, so focus the West/Right/Blue eye down first (but DoT both if possible to help with the DPS check).

Orb Tethers

For the first tethers, Melees and Tanks will be taking the first red tethers while Healers and Ranged will take blue tethers. If you don't have the correct tether, stack in the middle between the eyes to swap to the correct tether.

Melees and Tanks will split into pre-assigned groups (West/East) and pop the big yellow orb after it's grown once. The Melee/Tanks will swap tethers with the Ranged/Healers (each on their respective sides) then reds will again pop the remaining orbs after they've grown once.

Mirage Dive Tethers

Referring to slide 6 in the Raidplan.io strategy, the red tether players (still the Ranged/Healers) will spread out on intercards around the West/Right/Blue eye. Blue tethered players will stack in the center of the eye to avoid getting clipped by the dives.

There are three dives to account for, so three pairs of players need to determine rotation priority for swapping from Blue to Red.

In order: Tanks > Melee > first two dive targets

In your ordered pairs, determine the directional priority for each player. Talk it out during the pre-pull setup, or lean towards the left or right to indicate you are taking CCW<N (L1) or N>CW (R1).

When performing the swap, the players who got hit by the dive should stay still until you verify the blue tether has been transferred onto them, then they can safely move to the center of the eye.

Once all dives are complete, focus on killing the West/Right/Blue eye then finish off the East/Left/Red eye before the duty guage fills up and prepare for the next phase.