The Ninth Circle

P9S: Kokytos

Copy & Paste PF Description



color pairs (or TH CW)
use the color of your waymark to pair up for partner mechanics, supports rotate

6-8-2-4 tower order
party stacks between 5/7 orbs, defamations go across to between 1/3 orbs for the first two
kicks bait behind party, after the first two defamations go out, party swaps to the opposite side to complete the rest of the mechanics the same way

DPS first lightning (aka: supps first meteor)
DPS will sit inside the hitbox and bait the lightning proteans onto the tornadoes first while the supports will bait the puddle onto the first CW broken meteor

LC players take their numbers in order on the NW (1>3) and NE (2>4) corners while the party baits South

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Looking for More?

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: 🔗 Hector  🔗 WiwiTV (FR)

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Standard letters on cardinals, numbers on intercards for spread and partner mechanics.

PLayer Positions

Set up clock spots, light parties, and color pairs.

Party MacroS

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Levinstrike (LC1) (JP)


Tower order: 6-8-2-4 (this is consistent for all strats)

When orbs spawn with numbers, the party will position in between orbs #5 and #7.

Numbered players take note of the number on their head, taking towers in the order above and moving behind the party in order of explosion (2-4-6-8).

Non-numbered players will stay grouped with the party and look for the blue icon (defamation) above their head. When the first defamation appears, that player will run to the other side of the arena diagonal between the other two orbs (to the wall) and return to the party after the AOE resolves.

After the second defamation resolves, the party will swap sides and sit between the orbs on the opposite side (between #1 and #3) and the rest of the party will resolve their mechanics the same way, just mirrored.

Levinstrike (LC1) (Krile)


Tower order: 6-8-2-4 (this is consistent for all strats)

When orbs spawn with numbers, the party will position infront of orb #5 and will rotate towards orb #7. Party will rotate from #5 to #7 and continuing, the defamations will rotate from #1 to #3 continuing. The orbs can be in either clockwise or counter-clockwise configuration.

The first number explosion will take their bait out in the opposite direction the party is rotating. As each orb gets kicked, the tower bait goes into the tower, and the party rotates to the next orb. Each defamation will go out to the corresponding orb opposite of the party.

Levinstrike (LC1) (Split/Mario Kart)


This is the exact same as Krile strat except the non-numbered players all wait at the #1 orb and the player to get defamation stays at the wall while the other non-numbered players rotate and repeat until all are resolved.

Chimeric Succession (LC2) (Sleepo)


Players marked #1 and #2 go NW and NE to the wall.
Note: this is usually determined by the placement of the waymarkers; odds to 1, evens to 2 or 4, depending if waymars start NE with 4>1>2>3 or 1>2>3>4. Clarify with your group when waymarks are placed.

Party stacks South while the #3 and #4 players stay near the middle of the arena, then swap with #1 and #2 respectively. The party will bait the front/rear outside of the arena.

I just rotated the original sleepo raidplan... you get the idea.