The First Circle

P1S: Erichthonios

Copy & Paste PF Description



color buddies
take note of your clock spot from the pre-pull setup and if you or your buddy have a debuff to determine if you need to swap

joonbob intemperance swap
(only applicable to 2/1 and 1/2 pattern on N/S platforms -- see mechanic breakdown for more info)
top to bottom: OT goes N for second panel, SE DPS goes S
bottom to top: OT stays S for second panel, SE DPS goes N

fourfold timers
3/8/13/18 timers will go to their respective close/far waymarks starting from 1/A

red safe
party stays on red for shackles of time

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: πŸ”— MrHappy πŸ”— MTQ πŸ”— Illya

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

The "far" markers will still be within melee range for the shackles mechanics so if a melee has to go "far" there will be no lost uptime.

PLayer Positions

Have DPS take intercards, tanks take N/S, and healers E/W. These "clock spot" positions are used for Aetherial Shackles and Intemperate Torment.

Party Macro

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Aetherial Shackles

πŸ”— Toolbox

All players default to their waymark as assigned during the pre-pull set up.

If a player on an outer waymark has a purple debuff, they need to swap positions with an inner waymark player of the corresponding color.

Similarly, if a player on an inner waymark has a red debuff, they need to swap positions with an outer waymark player of a corresponding color.

A swaps with 1
B swaps with 2
C swaps with 3
swaps with 4

All players must pay attention to their debuff as well as their partner's who might need to swap with them.

Intemperance (Joonbob)

πŸ”— Pocket Guide Video

This is all you need to remember if you are the tank or DPS swapping:

Top to Bottom:
DPS (SE): Home > S > S
OT (S): Home > N > SE

Bottom to Top:
DPS (SE): Home > N > S
OT (S): Home > Home > SE

If the North and South tile have the 2/1 and 1/2 pattern of elements, players will be required to "flex" for the second tile cast and swap places for the third/last tile cast.

In the Joonbob strat, the S tank and SE DPS are the ones who will flex to avoid damage downs.

An easy way to think about it is:

  • Both players start in their home tile for the first element

  • Both players end in each others' home tile for the third element

  • The second element requires each "flexer" to be either N or S, depending on what element blew up first (or the direction of the boss' glowing hand)

Top to Bottom
Bottom to Top

πŸ“Œ alternative Intemperance: NW/N Swap

You can have either S tank and SW or SE DPS for the Joonbob strat above, or you can have the MT and NW or NE DPS do the swap as well. The first panels will always be "home" and the last panels will always be swapped; the second panel is the only one you have to pay attention to.

If top starts first, NW takes S for second panel, otherwise tank takes S for second panel.

Tip: think of the boss' glowing hand as the "tank compass" -- if his top hand is glowing, tank goes North, and if his bottom hand is glowing the tank goes South. The DPS would go opposite of the tank in either of these configurations.

Fourfold Timers

πŸ”— Toolbox

Positions will be determined by the color of debuff you have and its duration.

Purple debuff = close/letters
Red debuff = far/numbers

Depending on the duration of your debuff you will position yourself on the appropriate waymark based on ascending order:

3s = 1 or A (red waymark)
8s = 2 or B (yellow waymark)
13s = 3 or C (blue waymark)
18s = 4 or D (purple waymark)

DId someone say optimization?

We've got your timeline right here including suggested pot timings for that barse run you've been trying for.

Note: Pot timings subject to change based on party comp/kill time; these are only suggestions while the tier is relevant and kill times are somewhat normal. Use at your own discretion.

View full encounter timeline

00:14 Heavy Hand

00:23 Aetherial Shackles - Debuffs assigned

00:32 Warder's Wrath

00:42 Aetherial Shackles - Debuffs resolve

00:58 Gaoler's Flail #1

01:01 Gaoler's Flail #2

01:12 Pitiless Flail of Grace/Purgation

01:16 True Holy/Flare resolves

01:32 Gaoler's Flail #1

01:35 Gaoler's Flail #2

01:45 Warder's Wrath

01:58 Intemperance - Elements revealed

02:15 Intemperate Torment - 1st Element

02:22 Warder's Wrath

02:27 Intemperate Torment - 2nd Element

02:32 Warder's Wrath

02:38 Intemperate Torment - 3rd Element

02:48 Pitiless Flail of Grace/Purgation

02:52 True Holy/Flare resolves

03:09 Shining Cells

03:28 Aetherflail #1

03:31 Aetherflail #2

03:45 Pitiless Flail of Grace/Purgation

03:49 True Holy/Flare resolves

04:03 Aetherflail #1

04:06 Aetherflail #2

04:15 Shackles of Time - Debuff assigned

04:26 Heavy Hand

04:30 Shackles of Time - Debuff resolves

04:38 Slam Shut

04:55 Fourfold Shackles - Debuffs assigned

05:04 Fourfold Shackles - 1st Debuffs resolve

05:09 Fourfold Shackles - 2nd Debuffs resolve

05:14 Fourfold Shackles - 3rd Debuffs resolve

05:19 Fourfold Shackles - 4th Debuffs resolve

05:28 Warder's Wrath

05:42 Intemperance - Elements revealed

05:46 Intemperate Torment - 1st Element

05:58 Intemperate Torment - 2nd Element

~2nd pot window for < 7m kill time

06:14 Gaoler's Flail #1

06:17 Gaoler's Flail #2

06:21 Intemperate Torment - 3rd Element

06:30 Warder's Wrath

06:48 Shining Cells

06:58 Aetherial Shackles or Shackles of Time

-Randomly chosen mechanic sequence

(Aetherial Shackles)

+0:00 Aetherial Shackles - Debuffs assigned

+0:13 Aetherchain

+0:21 Aetherchain

+0:21 Aetherial Shackles - Debuffs resolve

+0:34 Warder's Wrath

(Shackles of Time) #

+0:00 Shackles of Time - Debuff assigned

+0:07 Pitiless Flail of Grace/Purgation

+0:11 True Holy/Flare resolves

+0:15 Shackles of Time - Debuff resolves

+0:21 Warder's Wrath

07:28/7:41 Aetherial Shackles or Shackles of Time

-Whichever mechanic sequence that wasn't chosen at 6:58

08:23 Aetherflail #1

08:26 Aetherflail #2

08:41 Aetherflail #1

08:44 Aetherflail #2

08:59 Aetherflail #1

09:02 Aetherflail #2

9:18 Warder's Wrath

9:27 Warder's Wrath

9:36 Warder's Wrath

9:59 Lethe (enrage)