The Third Circle

P3S: Phoinix

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for all Experimental Gloryplumes, Tanks + Melee will prioritize N/W and Healers + Range will prioritize S/E for stacks or spread positions

Fountain of Fire: Tanks get their bird puddle first, then Melee, then Range
Tip: set up light parties to determine who is splitting between N/W and S/E for each role

Myta nados
Tanks will stack together NW to bait and invuln 2 of the cleaves, the Healers and a Range will bait the outside tornadoes, leaving a Melee to bait the last cleave with the 2 other DPS directly behind them South of the boss

FoA+KB TR S/left, HM N/right
Flames of Asphodelos: Tanks + Range will take stack/spread South of the arena, Healers + Melee will take theirs up North
Dark Tornado KB: looking at the dark tornado, Tanks + Range will stack on the left side to get knocked back, Healers + Melee on the right

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: πŸ”— MrHappy πŸ”— MTQ πŸ”— Illya

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Place 1/2/3/4 on cardinals between the small yellow squares in the middle, and A/B/C/D on each cardinal direction.

The numbered waymarks are used inthe pre-pull setup for darkfire positions as well as where you will place your Fledgling Flight eyeballs. The cardinal waymarks will help orient for Gloryplumes, adds, and FoF spread positions.

PLayer Positions

πŸ”— Toolbox

You will need to define partners/spread positions for: Darkfire, Adds, FoF, and Dark Tornado.

The initial 1/2/3/4 spots will determine your partners for Darkfire and Trail of Condemnation

Visual of how the initial 1/2/3/4 markers translate to Darkfire spots and Trail of Condemnation

Group 1: North Adds, N/W FoF
Group 2: South Adds, S/E FoF

Visual for Dark Tornado:
TR Left, HM Right (looking at nado)

Party Macro

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Experimental GloryPlume

For all Experimental Gloryplumes the priority is:

Tanks + Melee: North/West
Healers + Range: South/East

The spread/stack groups will switch to TR and HM only for the Flames of Asphodelos and Darkblaze Twister knockback (see below).

Fountain of Fire

The order of getting birds is: Tank > Melee > Range

Use the pre-pull setup markers to determine between your role partners which of you will get NW/SE (or use your words in chat)

Your chosen position is where you will look for the first fire puddle. You will follow the puddle clockwise and get/drop your bird relative to the first puddle position.

Ex: Puddles appear North and South:
- Tanks drop their birds N (G1) and S (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly
- Melee drop their birds NE (G1) and SW (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly
- Range drop their birds E (G1) and W (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly

Ex: Puddles appear West and East:
- Tanks drop their birds
W (G1) and E (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly
- Melee drop their birds
NW (G1) and SE (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly
- Range drop their birds
N (G1) and S (G2), cross w/ tether accordingly

Flames of Asphodelos

πŸ”— Pocket Video Guide

Tanks + Range players group on the South side and Healers + Melee will group on the North side to either stack or spread after dodging the cleaves.

Firestorms of Asphodelos (nados)

πŸ”— Pocket Video Guide

After the second 3-1 cleaves, Healers will move out to bait the SW and SE tornadoes, and one Range player will bait the North tornado.

The other three DPS will stack max melee on the South side of the hitbox to bait one cleave, the tanks will grab the tethers and pop their invulns on the NW side of the boss, making sure to be inside of the hitbox to bait both cleaves.

πŸ“Œ Firestorms of Asphodelos (UPTIME)

πŸ”— Pocket Video Guide

The boss is facing South for this mechanic, so for a bit of uptime you can do the exact same movements as the above strat, instead this time Tanks will take the tethers and cleaves on the South side (front of boss) so DPS can take the NW side (back of boss).

Darkblaze Twister (KB)

πŸ”— Pocket Video Guide

After baiting puddles around, looking at the dark tornado Tanks + Range want to stack up on the left side while Healers + Melee stack up on the right side.

Use the little square markers on the arena infront of the dark tornado to place yourself so both groups will be knocked back within the safe area of the other tornadoes aoes.

If it's a spread mechanic, the Ranged + Healers will move to each side of their respective tornado, while Tanks + Melee will move inward to hit the boss being careful not to overlap each other.
Tip: use the G1 and G2 pre-pull positions so you know who will trend North and South