The Second Circle

P2S: Hippokampos

Copy & Paste PF Description



uptime arrows
pair up on the cardinals and be just behind the grate before you get pushed

tanks left+mid, dps right+corner
for the first predatory avarice tanks will go left and dps will go right
for the predatory avarice with disassociation tanks will take the safe spot in the middle of the wall, dps will go to the far corner

static limit cut, evens stay odds away
non-tethered numbers will go to the same marker as their number
odd-tethered numbers run across to the diagonal safe platform, even tethers stay on the boss platform

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: πŸ”— MrHappy πŸ”— MTQ πŸ”— Illya

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Place 1/2/3/4 in the middle of the cardinal grates, and A/B/C/D on the platform grates.

The numbered waymarks define the "static" positions for the "limit cut" mechanic. If you are not tethered you will go to the same waymark as your number.

PLayer Positions

The only positions required are groups for the healer stacks.

Group 1: Tank/SHealer and melees
Group 2: Tank/PHealer and range

Party Macro

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Uptime arrows

πŸ”— Toolbox

The safe spot to not die during this arrow mechanic is right behind the cardinal grates. Melees can keep uptime by hitting the boss at their arrow intercept position and then pulling back just behind the grate before getting locked into the mechanic.

Range can be as far out as they want. The farther out they are, the easier it is on the melees.

Predatory Avarice (#1)

πŸ”— Toolbox

One tank and one DPS will be marked with "Mark of the Tides". After "Spoken Cataract/Winged Cataract" the two players will move out of the party stack.

Tanks should move to the left, and DPS should move to the right. Party will stay on the platform for the stack.

Static Limit Cut

πŸ”— Pocket Video Guide

All players will be marked with numbers, and half of the players will also be tethered to the boss.

If you get tethered (blue numbers), check if you are odd or even:

Odds: move to the opposite platform where the boss jumped
Evens: stay on the grate under the boss
(lower numbers starting in front of the grate, higher numbers starting in the back)

If you are not tethered (purple numbers) move to the waymark that matches your number (minding the danger puddle)

Channelling Overflow #1

πŸ”— Toolbox

Players with long arrow timers will spread to one of the safe spots (there are about 7 total safe spots for the 4 players to choose from), keeping in mind the direction of your arrow so you're not running halfway across the room for your arrow placement afterwards.

Players with short arrow timers will place themselves accordingly to knock into their opposing arrow, then spread out afterwards.

Predatory Avarice (#2) w/ Dissociation

One tank and one DPS will be marked with "Mark of the Tides" again. This time the head is detached and will appear on one side of the arena making only one quadrant safe.

Determine the safe quadrant after the head appears and the boss starts casting "Spoken Cataract/Winged Cataract". The party should stack on the safe grate and the two marked players will split off into the safe quadrant as follows:

Tank: at the wall in the middle of the arena
DPS: in the corner of the arena

Channelling Overflow #2

πŸ”— Toolbox

This time, players with long timers will all stack on the diagonal safe platform while the short timers will go to their arrow positions.

Stacked players should be behind the long timer Tank so they can pick up the Coherence tether and run it away from the party. Once the Tank moves out, the long timer players can move to the inner corner of the safe platform to avoid the arrows.

After first arrows resolve everyone will group up on the safe diagonal platform with the short timer Tank infront to soak the Coherence cast.

After Coherence, long timer arrows move to the appropriate arrow positions.

DId someone say optimization?

We've got your timeline right here including suggested pot timings for that barse run you've been trying for.

Note: Pot timings subject to change based on party comp/kill time; these are only suggestions while the tier is relevant and kill times are somewhat normal. Use at your own discretion.

View full encounter timeline

00:16 Murky Depths

00:26 Doubled Impact

00:38 Sewage Deluge

01:01 Spoken/Winged Cataract

01:10 Coherence - Tether visible

01:22 Coherence - Flare resolves

01:25 Coherence - Stack resolves

01:38 Murky Depths

01:45 Ominous Bubbling

01:55 Shockwave

01:59 Ominous Bubbling - Stacks resolve

02:14 Predatory Avarice - Debuffs assigned

02:32 Spoken/Winged Cataract

02:38 Predatory Avarice - Debuffs resolve

02:38 (Sewage Dissipates)

02:51 Channeling Flow - Arrows assigned

03:06 Channeling Flow - Arrows resolve

03:22 Doubled Impact

03:32 Murky Depths

03:49 Sewage Deluge

04:06 Shockwave

04:19 Kampeos Harma - Start(Untargetable)

04:27 Kampeos Harma - End (Targetable)

04:42 Doubled Impact

04:51 Murky Depths

05:04 Channeling Overflow - Arrows assigned

05:19 Tainted Flood

05:19 Channeling Overflow - 1st Arrows resolve

05:34 Tainted Flood

05:34 Channeling Overflow - 2nd Arrows resolve

05:45 Spoken Cataract

05:49 (Sewage Dissipates)

06:04 Predatory Avarice - Debuffs assigned

06:11 Dissociation - Head detaches

06:16 Dissociation - Head visible

06:28 Predatory Avarice - Debuffs resolve

06:28 Dissociation - Head dashes

06:29 Spoken/Winged Cataract

~2nd pot window for < 9m kill time

06:43 Dissociation - Head detaches

06:48 Dissociation - Head visible

06:56 Sewage Eruption

07:00 Sewage Eruption AoE #1 resolves

07:00 Dissociation - Head dashes

07:01 Sewage Eruption AoE #2 resolves

07:03 Sewage Eruption AoE #3 resolves

07:06 Coherence - Tether Visible

07:08 Tainted Flood

07:18 Coherence - Flare resolves

07:20 Coherence - Stack resolves

07:33 Doubled Impact

07:41 Murky Depths

07:59 Sewage Deluge

08:16 Channeling Overflow - Arrows assigned

08:22 Coherence - Tether Visible

08:31 Channeling Overflow - 1st Arrows resolve

08:34 Coherence - Flare resolves

08:36 Coherence - Stack resolves

08:46 Channeling Overflow - 2nd Arrows resolve

08:59 Dissociation - Head detaches

09:04 Dissociation - Head visible

09:12 Sewage Eruption

09:16 Sewage Eruption AoE #1 resolves

09:18 Sewage Eruption AoE #2 resolves

09:19 Sewage Eruption AoE #3 resolves

09:23 Ominous Bubbling

09:34 Shockwave

09:38 Ominous Bubbling - Stacks resolve

09:48 Doubled Impact

10:00 Murky Depths

10:11 Murky Depths

10:27 Sewage Deluge (enrage)