The Fourth Circle

P4s: Hesperos - Part 1 & Part 2

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Part 1

Copy & Paste PF Description



uptime pinax
always move the boss between fire and lightning, light party stacks will be N/S relative to the boss and spread spots should be assigned beforehand
Note: the spread positioning is only fixed for first pinax

pastebin orbs
Positions: Healers W/NW, Tanks N/NE, acting Healers E/SE, acting Tanks S/SW
move across to pop your first role orb then move clockwise (Healers > E, Tanks > S, acting Healers > W, acting Tanks > N)

north towers
drag the boss North so Tanks/Melee can have uptime while taking towers/tethers

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Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

PART 1 Video Guides: πŸ”— MrHappy πŸ”— MTQ πŸ”— Illya

PART 2 Video Guides: πŸ”— MrHappy πŸ”— MTQ πŸ”— Illya

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

A/B/C/D on cardinals for orienting for Pinax.
1/2/3/4 can be placed on the inner intercards.

PLayer Positions

Set up Pinax light parties and spread spots, towers, and optionally static orb clock spots.

Party Macro

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Belone + Chlamys (role call + Tethers)

πŸ”— Toolbox

This mechanic simply consists of passing the role call debuff and giving tethers to the correct players. How to determine who gets what is the following:

1st Bloodrake = Opposite role gets tethers
2nd Bloodrake = Opposite role picks up rot
Same roles get both Bloodrakes = Opposite roles get both tethers and rot

If you do not need rot, stack South of the boss.
If you are both passing rot and grabbing tethers, you can stack inside of the back of the boss, otherwise stack max melee.

If you are picking up rot, spread out from your other roles and pick up rot from a West to East formation. It's important that you do not grab rot at the same time as someone else, by waiting your turn you will avoid a wrong pass/grab.

If you are grabbing tethers, wait until the rot has resolved for the appropriate roles then move inside of the boss hitbox to line-of-sight the other players who should be stacked behind the boss.
Make sure all tethers are accounted for before spreading out.

Uptime Pinax

Using your pre-pull set-up positions for stack/spread you can use the below visuals to reference for this mechanic. This method should be used for both the beginning Pinax and the Pinax later in the fight.

Tip: Water or Lightning will always be first, followed by Fire or Poison.

Tip: If first Pinax is Water + spread, range/healers can get knocked back beside the water or poison tile instead of with the party to help make spreading easier (though the melee might still kill themselves without your help).

Belone Bursts (Pastebin Orbs)

πŸ”— Toolbox

Players will circle around the boss in the following configuration:

Healers: W + NW
Tanks: N + NE
DPS Acting Healers: E + SE
DPS Acting Tanks: S + SW

When the orb tethers go out move across to pop the first role orb, then rotate clockwise. Movement is as follows:

Healers: E > SE
Tanks: S > SW
DPS Acting Healers: W > NW
DPS Acting Tanks: N > NE

πŸ“Œ Belone Bursts (Static Orbs)

πŸ”— Toolbox

The benefit to this strat over the pastebin orbs is it removes any guesswork for DPS since they do not need to adjust for whatever acting debuff they have.

Players will position around the boss in the following configuration:

N - Tank
NE - Healer
E - DPS (any)
SE - DPS (any)
S - Healer
SW - Tank
W - DPS (any)
NW - DPS (any)

Each role pair will rotate clockwise to the closest cardinal to pop the first set of orbs. After a heal, rotate once more to pop the second orbs on the intercards. An example of the movement is as follows:

N T+H: E > SE
S H+T: W > NW

North Towers

Pulling the boss north allows uptime for melees and easier tether grabbing for everyone with less accidental murders.

Resolve the role call and tethers the same way you did at the beginning of the fight.

Part 2

Copy & Paste PF Description



Act 1
assign towers based on absolute position, regardless of whether north/south or east/west is the safe starting point

Act 2
Dark Tank

  1. break SW/NW

  2. take safe tower

  3. counter clockwise for second stack

Dark Healer

  1. break NE/SE

  2. take safe tower

  3. clockwise for next tower

Fire Tank

  1. break E/S into stack

  2. clockwise for second stack

Fire Healer

  1. break W/N into stack

  2. clockwise for next tower

Wind DPS

  1. stack W/N with healer

  2. rotate clockwise for stack

Fire DPS

  1. stack E/S with fire tank

  2. melee break N/E (counter clockwise) for stack with wind DPS, Range S/W (clockwise) for stack with Tanks

Act 3
MT baits the kick, range take first towers, melee bait first proximity aoes then soak second towers

Act 4
water goes across and clockwise 1, dark goes clockwise 1 from your tethered thorn,
group up S/SW and break dark tethers in clockwise order starting from N/NE

group up around your tethered tower, remember your number then stack on the appropriate tower after the tethers resolve

Curtain Call
DPS break at 12s, Tanks/Healers break at 6s (make sure to stay in to catch heals between breaks and dodge the cleaves)
Tip: designate light parties for "Group 1" mit and "Group 2" mit to make sure shields and mitigation is spread out between both sets of Curtain Call

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Markers are off-center for helping with Act 2 uptime.

PLayer Positions

Tower positions are the only static positions you need to assign for this phase. Make sure you also assign the players for kick baits in Act 3 and communicate which DPS will be floating for Act 2.

Party Macro

Copy and past the below text into a new user macro for quick mechanic relay at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Act 1

πŸ”— Toolbox

Keep boss directly center. When first towers get tethered you can start moving to the safe spot to position yourself next to your assigned tower from the pre-pull setup.

Act 2

πŸ”— Toolbox

Each role with the marked debuff has a pre-determined path for this mechanic. The only random factor will be who the fire DPS are. By default the Melee fire will always move across, but if both Melee or two Ranged players end up with fire you will need to have floaters assigned to do the movement instead (ie: NIN always moves if both Melee, RDM always moves if both Ranged).

The order of operations for each role/debuff is as follows:

Dark Tank

  1. If E/W safe, break SW, if N/S safe, break NW

  2. Move clockwise to soak safe tower (either West or North)

  3. Move counter clockwise to soak second stack with fire DPS

Dark Healer

  1. If E/W safe, break NE, if N/S safe, break SE

  2. Move clockwise to soak safe tower (either East or South)

  3. Move clockwise again to next cardinal tower (either South or West)

Fire Tank

  1. If E/W safe, break East, if N/S safe, break South

  2. Soak stack with both fire DPS

  3. Move clockwise to soak second stack with the fire DPS who did not move across

Fire Healer

  1. If E/W safe, break West, if N/S safe, break North

  2. Soak stack with both wind DPS

  3. Move clockwise to soak the next cardinal tower (either North or East)

Wind DPS

  1. If E/W safe, move West, if N/S safe, move North (staying with your wind DPS buddy)

  2. Soak stack with the fire Healer

  3. Move clockwise to the next cardinal safe spot and soak the stack with the solo fire DPS

Fire DPS

  1. If E/W safe, move East, if N/S safe, move South (staying with your fire DPS buddy)

  2. Soak stack with the fire Tank

  3. If you're the Melee with fire:

    • Move counter clockwise to soak the stack with the wind DPS

  4. If you're the Range with fire:

    • Move clockwise to soak the stack with both Tanks

Act 3

πŸ”— Toolbox

Either East side or West side will get tethered first. The Ranged players always take the first set of towers, while the Melee group takes the second set.

Once you know which towers are first players should sit inside of the hitbox in line with their respective tower so the MT/Kick baiter can be the furthest away to bait the Kick.

After the first Kick, Ranged players go out to soak their towers, while the Melee (minus the Kick baiter) sit inside of the boss' hitbox to bait the proximity aoes outside of the arena.

A knockback will appear shortly after, so players should use their knockback immunity and prepare for the next Kick. The Ranged who is baiting will move out of their tower only slightly while the other Ranged move more inwards to prevent an accidental bait.

Once the second Kick happens, Ranged players (minus the Kick baiter, again) will move into the hitbox to bait the second set of proximity aoes outside of the arena while the Melee soak the second set of towers.

Act 4

πŸ”— Toolbox

Players will be attached to one of the 8 thorns in the room by a tether and have either a Purple/Dark orb, or a Blue orb above their head.

Blue orbs will move opposite from their tethered thorn and once clockwise.

Purple/Dark orbs will move one position clockwise from their tethered thorn.

This causes the tethers of the Blue orb players to break, leaving 4 tethers remaining. The remaining players are tethered to a large aoe that applies a debuff when the tether is broken.

If there is a player tethered directly North, they will break first. Otherwise the NE tether will break first. Continue to break the remaining tethers in a clockwise order, making sure to give enough time for heals and the debuff to fall off each time.

N > E > S > W or
NE > SE > SW > NW


πŸ”— Toolbox

Two thorns will appear either in the far NE/SW or NW/SE quadrants. 4 players will be tethered to each, split up between Tanks/Heals and DPS.

Once tethers go out, players will spread out around their tethered thorn. Melees can spread closer to the boss' hitbox, while Ranged can spread out at the back, very similar to the spread pattern from Act 1.

The boss will attack players once with an aoe at random, for a total of 8 hits. Start counting 1 from the first hit, and whichever number it is when you take a hit is the number of the tower you will be soaking afterwards.

Once the boss hits players 1 through 8, an aoe will go off and tethers will resolve. The 8 towers in a circle around the boss will drop down clockwise starting from a random position. The first tower that drops is the tower from the #1 player that got hit, the second tower for the #2 player that got hit, and so on.

Just look for the position of the first tower and count forwards (or backwards, depending on your number) to position yourself to the appropriate tower.

Curtain Call

Move directly across from your tethered thorn and stay on the boss' hitbox until it is your turn to move out. Catching heals between each break is very important, and a mitigation plan should be discussed before the start of the fight.

It is recommended to split into two light parties and split mitigation between the first and second rounds respectively between Group 1 and Group 2.

As soon as the timers appear on players, DPS will move out to break the tether first at 12s on their debuff, the next T/H moves out when their debuff reaches 6s.

You should be preparing to move out a couple of seconds before your debuff hits 12s or 6s. Leaving too late may cause some turmoil in the following breaks and can easily cause an instant wipe without proper communication.

Also, don't forget to dodge the conal aoes when they appear, then move back into the middle of the aoe that just appeared to doge the second invisible cleave. These aoes are positioned from the center of the boss, so try not to drag him around too much.

The toolboxes here are created based on the old pastebin strats link.
I will include the link to the pastebin below in case you prefer the old formats that were included here for so long.