The Sixth Circle

P6S: Hegemone

Copy & Paste PF Description



G1 NW, G2 SE
For light party stacks group 1 hangs NW, group 2 hangs SE

NS LC (or) 1234 LC (aka Diamond)
NS LC = odds go North, evens go south, stay E/W until you need to move N/S
1234/Diamond LC = 1, 2, 3, 4 stand on the markers 5, 6, 7, 8 swap out with their # minus 4
(1234 similar to Diamond Weapon limit cut)

TH W, DPS E for 3 stack
Tanks and Healers stack West, DPS stack East
(defamation swappers move out leaving the 3 stack)

Cachexia order of moving into the boss
20 sits inside of the hitbox on the North side, and the rest of the players line up on their respective sides (purple left, green right) in a sort of conga line in the above order
(can also be denoted by saying 20/8, and if you want 20s to exit South instead, say 8/12)

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: πŸ”—Illya πŸ”—AqB

Toolboxes: πŸ”—ARD Guide (Uptime Strats)

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

1, 2, 3, and 4 are offset slightly to accommodate 1234 LC positions for E/W safe

PLayer Positions

Set up light parties and quadrant buddies
Cachexia #1 example positions shown

Party Macro ~ Courtesy of @MdanceAlice

Copy and paste the below text into a new user macro for relaying mechanics at the start of the fight:

Mechanic Breakdown

Pathogenic Cells (Limit Cut)

There are a few different ways you can complete this mechanic. The two main variation in PF are the 1234 style and the NS style. There is also an "uptime" style that will be explained separately.

1234 LC

πŸ”— Toolbox (coming soon)

For the 1234 version, players marked with 1-4 will go to stand on the corresponding 1/2/3/4 marker. Players marked 5/6 will stand on the East side, and 7/8 will stand on the West side.

When the players get hit, 5-8 will swap out with their corresponding 1-4 player so that the boss continually goes around in a circle hitting the next numbered player in order.

5 goes to 1
6 goes to 2
7 goes to 3
8 goes to 4


For the North/South version, odds will be going North and evens will be going South. The party can wait on either East or West side, then starting with 1 North and 2 South, 3 and 4 will go in as soon as the aoes go out, and so on.

πŸ”— Toolbox

Cachexia #1

πŸ”— Toolbox

When debuffs go out move to the correct side: purples on the left, greens on the right.

Your timer determines when you will move into the boss. The order of moving in the boss is as follows:

20s - 1st
8s - 2nd
12s - 3rd
16s - 4th

Line up on your side of the boss in that order so you don't blast anyone with your aoe and move into the hit box when it's your turn, then move out to make room for the next in line.

After all debuffs resolve, your colour will be the opposite of what it started as. Remember to move to the other side of the room to resolve the last hit.