The Seventh Circle

P7S: Agdistis

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sleepo purg (aka braindead purg)
instead of separating stacks/spreads to different platforms, all players start on the same platform and fit the spreads and stacks on the middle/back of the platform, then continue to move back and forth between the NW/NE platforms until all of the debuffs are resolved

jp/braindead deaths
static positions for all players, tanks invuln on the safe bridge

all far war
bull tethers go away to spread on the opposite safe bridge
bird tethers spread across to the opposite bridge (one will be behind mino)
mino tethers spread across to the opposite platforms (one will be behind bull)

β—€ Hover over the images and use the arrows to cycle through each mechanic β–Ά

Looking for

Though The PF Strat isn't a guide site, we are here to help you understand the major mechanics that PF needs co-ordination on. If the tldr; isn't enough, keep reading to learn more about the pre-pull setup and mechanic breakdowns with more detailed explanations, gifs, and toolbox links or get a better understanding of the entire fight with the links below.

Video Guides: πŸ”—Illya πŸ”—Hope

Pre-pull Set-up

Waymark Placement

Waymarks are set up based when the platform splits into three, ideal for spread positions for Purgation and bull tethers
Note: the waymarks that start off of the initial platform were placed illegitimately but are probably still saved by many

PLayer Positions

You'll need light parties, role spread spots, Purgation spread spots, and Death's Harvest spread spots (excluding Tanks)

Mechanic Breakdown

πŸ”— PF Cheatsheet
This cheatsheet includes diagrams for first minotaurs, birds + towers, Purgation, and all Harvests (JP/all far)

Inviolate Purgation (Sleepo)

πŸ”— Toolbox

The braindead version for this strat is to hop between the NW and NE platforms with all spreads and the stack on the same platform.

Wait for the eggs to drop: if the NE platform is not safe (bull) start NW (left), otherwise start on the NE (right) platform.

Spread players will move to their spread position from the pre-pull setup, and the rest of the players will move to the top/right or top/left of the platform to soak the stack.

As soon as damage goes out, heal up and move across to the other North platform and resolve your next debuffs. Continue to move back and forth between the NE and NW platform until all debuffs are resolved.
Remember to wait for the last aoes before moving into the middle!

Death's Harvest (JP/Braindead)

πŸ”— Raidplan (step 2)

When the eggs drop, look for which platform the bull is spawning (the spotted egg). Face your camera so the bull platform is South, Group 1 players will spread on the NW platform and Group 2 players will spread on the NE platform.

Tanks will always move to the safe bridge and use their invulns.

War's Harvest (all Far)

πŸ”— Raidplan (step 3)


If you're tethered to the bull, run opposite of the bull platform and spread 2 players along the bridge, with the other two just inside the adjacent platforms. Typically Healers/Ranged take the bridge and Melee take the platforms, but this can be communicated in the pre-pull setup.

If you're tethered to a bird, run to the bridge opposite of your bird.
Remember to use knockback!

If you're tethered to a minotaur, run to the back of the platform directly opposite of your minotaur, and angled slightly away from the bull tethered players.
If you're on a platform where bull players are spreading, make sure not to angle your minotaur too far left/right or you may kill someone.

All JP HArvests (inumaru War) (alternate strats)

**Note: PF is incorrectly referencing JP strats and linking to images of NA/Hector strats. The below is the actual translated version of the JP strats for your reference.

The JP methods are very similar to the above strats, however War's Harvest is slightly different (also referenced as "Inumaru").

For War's Harvest, bull tethers are spread around the bull platform, bird tethers are taken to the same platform as your bird and off to the side, and mino tethers are taken to the adjacent platform behind the bird.

If you find the birds a little tight for War's Harvest, you can always take them to the opposite bridge and still be safe and not cleave anyone ;)